Saturday, February 17th
2:30-4:30pm: Small Petite Jazz (Studio 2 w/ Alli)
5-6pm: Battlefield and Neverland (Studio 2 w/ Alli)

Sunday, February 18th
Cheryl Copeland private lessons
*Please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled private lesson time. Enter through studio 1, it will be unlocked. All privates will be taught in Studio 2, but the door to Studio 2 will remain locked.

9:30am-10am Ellyana
10am-11am Emery
11am-11:30am Sophie Ledoux
11:30am-12pm Carly Harris
12pm-1pm Jazzy King
1pm-2pm Naomi
2pm-3pm Sarah N.
3pm-4pm Jacey
4pm-4:30pm Emily McHale

* $40 for 30 minute private, $75 for an hour. Cheryl should be paid in cash directly on day of private lesson. Make sure your dancer has something he/she would like to work on with Cheryl. If they aren't sure, Heather and I are happy to help them.

Sunday, February 18th
2pm - 2:30pm Junior Duet "Shelter"

2:30-3:30 Combined Pilates Classes (2:30pm / 3:30pm) (Studio 3)
2:30-3:30 Petite/Junior trios, The Outsiders, &Cold Hearted Snake

3:30-4:30 Petite large contemporary w/ Heather (Studio 3)
3:30-4:30 Little Elite (Studio 1)

4:30-5:30 Beginning pointe (Studio 3)
4:30-5:30 Mini tap w/ Alli (Studio 1)
4:30-5:30 Petite contemporary w/Cheryl (Studio 2)

5:30-6:30 Mini jazz/ lyrical w/ Heather (Studio 3)
5:30-6:30 Petite tap/ large jazz w/ Alli (Studio 2)
5:30-6:30 Junior Small Contemporary "Depth over Distance w/ Jake (Studio 1)

6:30pm - 7:30pm Junior Tap routines - Get up of that thing / No Can Do / Another Day of Sun w/ Alli (Studio 1)
6:30pm - 7:30pm Teen Contemporary and Jazz routines w/ Heather Studio 2

7:30pm - 8:30pm Senior routines competing at Humans on Tour w/ Alli (Studio 2)
*This includes GIrl Squad and Runaway Baby

8-8:30 Blue Sky w/ Cheryl (Studio 1)
8:30-9 The last page w/ Cheryl (Studio 2)
9-9:30 Sick Living w/ Cheryl (Studio 2)

Monday, February 19th
Cheryl Copeland Private Lessons 10am - 11am Dominique
11am - 11:30am Aalyiah
11:30am - Noon Janelle
Noon - 1pm Hanna
1pm - 2pm Naomi
2pm - 3pm Hailey Knight
3pm - 3:30pm Emma

ALL DANCERS MUST ATTEND THESE REHEARSALS. Humans on Tour is the following weekend. The competition portion of the convention begins at 6:30pm on Friday evening. I'm waiting for a final schedule from Cheryl. I should have one by Thursday. Petites are competing Saturday only. Juniors, Teens and Seniors will compete both Friday and Saturday.


Subject To Change
November 10th-12th 2017: 24Seven Dance Convention/Competition - Reno
(MANDATORY for all competition teams except Little Elite)
Feb. 9th-11th 2018: NUVO Dance Convention/Competition - Santa Clara
February 23rd - 25th: Humans on Tour Dance Convention & Evaluation - Dance Attack Sunnyvale
(MANDATORY for Juniors, Teens & Seniors)
March 16th-18th 2018: Adrenaline Dance Convention/Competition - Burlingame
(MANDATORY for all competition teams)
April 6th-8th 2018: West Coast Dance Convention/Competition - Santa Clara
(MANDATORY for all competition teams except Little Elite)
April 13th-15th 2018: Hollywood Vibe Dance Competition/Convention
April 13th-15th 2018: Jump Dance Convention/Competition - Santa Clara
May 18th-20th 2018: 24Seven Dance Convention/Competition - Santa Clara