This class consists of a variety of activities to develop the young child’s concentration and love of music. It is designed to teach young ones the fundamentals of dancing, including discipline, movement, rhythm, and vocabulary. Children will be exposed to group dynamics which will prepare them for performing with teams in the future.


Ballet is considered the foundation of artistic dance. Its meticulous attention to technical detail makes it invaluable for any serious dancer. Combining proper alignment and body placement, seamless transitions through standard arm, leg and feet placements, and astute sense of timing, it trains dancers to be clean and versatile performers.


Pointe dancers must be at least a level 5 in ballet and attending a minimum of 3 hours a week of ballet, in addition to pointe classes.  


Using a wide range of music this form of dance involves muscle toning, stretching and rhythm exercises. Students learn various forms of movement and the terminology utilized in this form of dance.


Tap dance is a lively art form. It has evolved from many cultures. Tap allows a dancer to express themselves through their feet and many different variations of steps and rhythms. It is a story of the feet. 


Lyrical dance is a beautiful blend of ballet, modern and jazz dance. Students learn the technique of ballet, the rhythms of jazz and the emotions of modern dance. Using diverse music selection dancers create a story or express a mood or theme of the music and its lyrics. Dancers don’t express how they are feeling with voice, but rather, facial expressions and body dynamics. You become the story through dancing.


Contemporary is a mix of "ballet" (flowing lines and movements) and "modern" (Modern is a form of dance that is used to express how you feel with natural and spontaneous movements that has grown in popularity with the rise of dance shows on tv.  


This is a fast moving and high energy class. It will teach you the newest movements that you see in many music videos and other professional performances.


Breakdancing, known formally as B-boying or B-girling by its practitioners and followers, is a dynamic style of dance that is part of Hip Hop culture and emerged out of the Hip Hop movement in the South Bronx of New York City during the late 20th century. Breakdancing is one of the many elements of Hip Hop culture. Commonly associated with, but distinct from, "Popping", which is one element of the Funk Styles that evolved independently in California during the late 20th century.